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Zoflora inspired wax melts



our sample box made up of 8 different fragrances inspired by the famous disinfectant 

1country garden:

take a breezy stroll through a cottage garden, blooming with delicate roses, English wildflowers and sweet blossoms in the fresh country air. 

Lavender& Chamomile=

Infuse your home with relaxing notes of luxurious English lavender, wrapped in fresh jasmine, wild rose and sweet basil.

Summer Bouquet=A beautiful arrangement of exquisite rose and vibrant violet, with layers of white musk, precious woods and hints of green citrus.

Mountain Air= 

      Blow away the cobwebs with Mountain Air! Zingy citrus and delicate floral tones float in on this outdoorsy blend.

Twilight Garden=  

Step foot into a Twilight Garden as moonlight-flowering lilies dance with rich ylang-ylang and jasmine, perfectly balanced with uplifting notes of peach, apple and long-lasting musk.

Fresh Home: Coastal Breeze

Top notes of citrus And fig layered, upon sea salt and sage and earthy base notes of cedarwood and patchouli in this fresh, fruity and uplifting blend.


Bluebell Woods

Green, leafy notes combine with spring bluebells in this nostalgic fragrance. Bring the woodland into your home with this delicate floral blend.



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